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New Tech / Toy

My laptop died a few months back, as the battery was a bit loose and lost connection while I was updating the Ubuntu OS. It bricked, sadly. So I’ve been looking at getting a replacement, but putting it off because I had a work laptop to hold me over. I decided to try an alternative, and got a Nexus 7 tablet instead.

It’s kind of awesome. I only need a device to surf the Internet and check email; everything else is kind of peripheral. So far, its serving me well, although I fear if the battery will be able to hold up with the heavy use I have planned. I’ve had poor battery luck / habits / training but maybe this will change. The lightness of traveling without a laptop is extremely pleasant, and enough reason for me to seriously consider not getting a replacement laptop at all, so long as I have an employer laptop for actual work.

I’m finally getting into apps as well. It is interesting seeing such a diverse ecosystem of specialized software to focus on things that a general browser can do. I’m not sure if this is good or bad for innovation, but I see why things have developed this way. I actually bought my first app yesterday; everything else I have on the tablet or have on my phone have been free apps. It’s for the holidays at the in-laws, and to make up for the fact that as a 6-year old I declined my grandpa’s offer to buy me a Nintendo (because I realized I would spend too much time on it, oddly mature everyone said at the time). So now I get to share in the nostalgia everyone has for Final Fantasy III, and yes I am loving the old-school hardcore RPG difficulty.

Happy Christmakwanzaukkah everyone.


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I assume you meant Final Fantasy VI, not III. VI really isn’t that hard, its rep has more to do with the varied and nuanced for its time characters, some crazy villains, and a magic system so easily broken it makes the game a cakewalk once you get past a certain point.

If you have the actual FF III, then you are in trouble. That one is known for creating the job system(although it sucks compared to FF tactics or FF5) and just being nasty difficult.

Convergence! We are getting an Ipad for Christmas which should be interesting. Beamza can’t get on a computer without the little one wanting to hit every key, so as an e-mail/internet browser that is more easily hid from a child it should be worth it. When we visit my mom we almost fight over playing board games like Ticket to Ride on her Ipad.

I’m curious about exploring apps as well. Having never had smart phones we have ignored that whole culture. The more I hear about it the more it seems that gaming for me will be about iOS games. I can’t devote hours on end anymore. Having found a wireless PS2 controller I might actually be able to play my PS2 again, but a PS3/Xbox360/Wii are just not compelling to me. The A-list games are usually not in genres I want to play, and connectivity and DLC is such a huge part of their package and I don’t go along with that. If I ever finish all my PS2/Gamecube games I own(only 70 hours to go on Persona 4!) then there are ones I’ve been meaning to play a second time for about 10 years now, so I’ll have stuff to play. Until recently I had beaten every DS game I own twice and there aren’t many games I still want. So that leaves iOS games or PC games for new gaming experiences(and the little one will probably submarine any PC game I am trying to play if she is awake). On an Ipad some of my preferred genres would not work(platformers, fast paced action games), but others would(RPG’s, strategy, adventure). Plus I might find new genres or twists on old genres with new control systems that I might like. Luckily for our wallets my insistence on finishing all my old games before buying new stuff will keep the new device relatively game free.

I’d be curious what Pacrand is doing game wise. He’s always been more modern in his gaming tastes and his kid isn’t able to run up and be a nuisance yet.

Totally the hard FF3 with jobs. I’m enjoying the difficulty. Remember, I played Maximo for the retro nostalgic hardcore challenge.

The current challenge is babysitting the nieces, however, a much more engaging game. Hours out in the snow to tire them out helped though. Dora the Distractor also helps.

Well then no one has nostalgia for that final fantasy since it was not released in English until recently. Actually the biggest two complaints with the game are that end game only has 2 jobs worth anything, and that the end boss rush is the nastiest in the series. Nasty as in you must beat all 5 or 6 bosses without saving and it takes an hour just to get to them, so you will spend half your total play time trying to beat the final dungeon over and over again while spending time grinding up to live a little longer the next time, and the other half of your play time on the rest of the game put together.

PingPong, you will be surprised how quickly your little one will fall unwittingly into the evil clutches of the iPad. I have to hide any of my devices from all three of the crazies. I’d give her a few months before she figures out how to unlock it(or if you have the pass code set, get it to lock for 2 days). Start looking into kid apps now, muhahahhahaha.

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